Bump photography during your pregnancy

Bump and pregnancy photography
examples of bump and pregnancy picture

 Baring it all during your pregnancy shoot…pregnancy shoots are becoming increasingly popular especially since Beyonce’s pregnancy pictures graced our social media pages. Love them or hate them bump photography is a chance to document your beautiful belly and it is often the first pic in your baby’s photo album. Because of the unique beauty of pregnancy, smartphone pics just don’t do it justice and it helps to engage a professional photographer to document your Goddess look. Ranging from colourful, swishing, specialised pregnancy dresses in forest locations to more traditional close-ups of a beautifully shaped bump in flattering studio lighting, styles and approaches vary widely and it’s all a matter of personal choice. Created after about 32 weeks these are often a very private set of pictures and you may want to consider what you will be doing with them when you select your style of photography. Obviously,because your skin is on show, stretch marks and piercing scars will be visible… these are very personal pictures and tell your story – some ladies want a bit of help from Photoshop and others like to share their story– another choice that is yours to make. Recently I have seen bellies painted with commercial paint and I would warn against covering skin with anything that could contain chemicals that may be absorbed through the skin. Brown henna is said to be safe for those who would like a henna ‘tree of life’ on their bump for the photo shoot but always check with your henna artist. New trends include floor length Tulle maternity tutus and last week I saw a belly covered in ‘Gold Leaf’ which looked incredible but be careful of standing or lying still in one position for too long if you are going the glamour fashion shoot route. Swoosh is sexy and those billowing maternity photo shoot dresses are available online for as little as £15 in every possible colour. Siblings are also quite fun to include but make sure you have someone to watch them while you are creating your solo shots. Finally there are the increasingly popular ‘Milk Baths’ following on in the tradition of Cleopatra. They are almost a form of pregnancy boudoir photography where the private areas are discretely hidden by the ‘milky’ water. The milky effect is created with milk powder or creamer and this can produce some very pretty images especially when flowers are floating on the water. Health and safety definitely need to be considered for this one though…one slip and your photographer could end up in the tub with you! If you would like to celebrate your bump you can expect a £75 investment for about an hour of fun and laughter – please call me on 07738517756 to arrange your consultation and booking.


Have been working through bereavement – its early days yet and I am finding out new things about grief – like mostly that just when you think you have got the hang of it all something happens, the glimpse of a familiar profile, a similar voice or a smell and then your world all comes tumbling down again. But time heals – I know that… and life is good and its exciting…have achieved some of my most important prof goals recently, had my busiest Q1 ever and have some great plans in the pipeline. So here’s to the future and resuming my professional activities!

Green Health Events’ Farmhouse Five for Females …


FF001Amidst the sunshine and sleet I think I may have found a new genre of photography to love… Marathons!

I last photographed runners at the Comrades Marathon in South Africa – a gruelling 89 km run – apparently the world’s largest (23000 runners) and oldest ultra marathon. In addition to photography our remit included massaging the legs of the athletes as they struggled up over Field’s Hill … a distance of 3.2km to cross, while climbing 186 m in height. Gruelling, but very photogenic.

Today, I was the official photographer for the Farmhouse Five multi terrain race for females organised by Dawn Meredith-Davies and Phil Trett. I enjoyed it just as much as the Comrades.

We woke up to incredibly clear skies at 05.30 but by the time the race started I was worrying about frostbite. But this amazing group of athletes didn’t flinch , their attitude and enthusiasm were infectious. I soon I wished that I could be part of this lovely group.


What attracted me was that so many participants had a personal story which they inspired me with while having their picture taken. Then, the mother and daughter teams were next in pure attitude awesomeness. I also enjoyed meeting Sara Bird and watching her lead the way when the race started.


Then while editing I noticed the athletes incredible expressions as they looked towards the approaching finish, the determination in their eyes is almost tangible. I appreciated hearing the encouragement from the supporters as they cheered each runner over the finish line. (Dawn will let you know what the results were)


The whole morning was well organised and the attention to detail was evident in the provision of a winners podium – made out of authentic Lux Farm Pallets.


Christine’s new patisserie in woodbridge provided the best coffee and walnut cake ever – thoroughly researched by this photographer. The cake was moist not soggy, the icing tasted like quality coffee and wasn’t sickly sweet and there were whole walnuts surprising me inside the cake as well as on top – delicious, and highly recommended.

So as a gift to the goddesses participating today – here are your memories – please download them and share them and enjoy reliving some of the moments.

Please note that they aren’t necessarily in race finishing order and if I have missed anyone out it may be because you flew past too fast to photograph or that you were understandably concentrating too hard on running to appear photogenic. Catch you next time!

To download your images please go to


Then go to ‘People’ in the navigation menu and select ‘Galleries’ from the drop down menu. Your gallery is called ‘Farmhouse Five’ and the password is ‘Green Health Events’. Please note that for security reasons you will be asked to provide your email address and the images downloaded are linked to this IP address, please feel free to download, share and use for any non promotional purposes.

Kind Regards

Ruth Leach


Local Values Wedding shoot at Glemham Hall

Local ValuesGlemham Hall373copyrightRuth Leach 07738517756

Hi Team,

Pics are ready and are available to download from the website:


Go to the commercial menu button, click on Commercial Services on the drop down menu and choose client area, your pics are in the gallery called Glemham Hall. The password is ‘Local Values’.

For the purposes of client confidentiality you will be asked for your email address before you log in – this is just to make sure our work is protected for own promotional use – it tracks what is downloaded by whom and it keeps the copyright intact. The password can be shared where needed.

I was really pleased with the results of our effort and wanted to thank everyone sincerely for all the incredibly hard work that you put into making the shoot such a success.

We had hoped to achieve a ‘showcasing’ of our collaborative work and products, which I think has been done.

Corrina (Ashton Jayne Bridal Wear) asked us to focus on creating her Boho look to go with her flagship dress (can a wedding dress be a flagship?). Clare (CS Makeup Hair) did amazing hair and makeup that really complimented the dresses and the desired mood. In fact I have photographed many brides and wedding shoots and I would recommend you to anyone Claire – I have never seen such beautiful, natural makeup.

Darrel (Hi Red Carpets – Archway Carpets) complimented the dresses with his beautiful and immaculate carpets and the flowers arranged by Emma (Wholesale Florist Direct, Ipswich) were perfect. I kept noticing how lovely they smelt after three hours of photography and that they did not leak or stain the wedding dresses, which sometimes happens.

Local ValuesGlemham Hall078copyrightRuth Leach 07738517756 IMG_0282low res IMG_0562low res

Huge thanks to our models, Nathan, Gemma and Bethany – you were such a pleasure to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Nathan your simmering expressions really added that extra bit of ‘Groom’ to the day. Bethany, you look amazing in Boho and Gemma pulled off the regal princess look to perfection. I am hoping to enter some of Gemma’s foot of the stairs pics into a competition to achieve further qualifications as well as the pic of Bethany looking into the bathroom mirror. Nathan, as an experienced model thank you for putting the girls at their ease.

Charlie (Inspiration and LV Director with clapper board) and Amanda (mum of the model) were great ‘runners’ and every time I needed something one of you were there with a cheerful smile. Thank you. And for the food Charlie! Darrel – you were incredible in doing just about everything – I have pics of you helping brides down stairs, stashing shoes, styling flowers on the carpets, holding the front door shut and wafting the floating veil down the stairs (yup, I cropped the hands out).

Local ValuesGlemham Hall225copyrightRuth Leach 07738517756

Corrina and Ashton, the dresses were perfect, romantic, beautiful and classy – I hope I have done them justice. Corinna, I also wanted some of the shots showing you at work with the bride – as I said at the time, fortunately you have pretty knees. If I were a bride I would appreciate your support in getting one of those wedding dresses on without a panic and I will definitely recommend this service. Please note that some of the dress angles taken are to focus on the bodice, back detail and design of the dress and as such may be unusually composed.

Oli, on video – well, we look forward to seeing what you do with the footage – after that amount of filming we may have to send in a search and rescue to get you off the editing. You were like an ethereal videographer – always there but I never seemed to trip over you! Thank you.

So I hope that is everyone – my words seem stilted but after 10 hours of editing I hope you will understand – I really just wanted to say thank you – I had a great day with awesome, professional kick-ass attitude people and I hope we can do it all over again. Soon.

Enjoy the pics – please remember they are for your own promo use and can’t be used by a third party without written permission from Local Values so be careful about how you post on facebook. If possible I would also appreciate a credit if you do share the pics (Ruth Leach Photography 07738517756 is adequate). There is a tiny copyright on the bottom of each pic which I am happy for you to crop if it spoils the aesthetic nature of your image. Please use these pics to promote your business as far and as wide as possible (websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Publications, Promo material etc)- this is why Local Values commissioned this collaborative effort. Good luck!

Pics can be downloaded individually or in bulk and they will stay on the website for two years before they are archived.

If you get bored looking through 300 pics approx, try playing Where’s Wally, or rather the photographer is a wally – I have left in a step ladder, Darrel’s Hoover, one pair of Darrel’s hands, a few poor colour corrections and a rolled up carpet in the pics, randomly for your entertainment!





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My mother was my hero …

Me three years old on my swing with mom

With Mother’s Day approaching it can be a little tough on those of us whose Mothers are no longer here with us. Which makes me think about my Mom and how the things that she taught me are reflected in the choices I make and how she lives on through me. So then I don’t miss her so much because it feels as if she has never left. Some of the things she taught me really make a difference to the way I live. “Always your best” was one of her strongest pieces of advice. I try and always do my best because you never know when your effort and it’s results are really going to matter or come under scrutiny. Even if its only from the IRS. Dear Mom, I must admit though that I am still a tomboy at heart (sorry) and that I still read in the bathtub and I have never managed to finish embroidering that tablecloth for my ‘Bottom Drawer’ (turns out I didn’t need one after all, ha ha). Oh, and I still climb trees sometimes. So here’s to Mother’s Day … to the great Moms in our lives, to the ones we remember at this time and to the Mom’s to be! Enjoy your special day.